Friday, 29 July 2016

English Story of the Day 29 July

The Lazy Farmer

The rain gods had been smiling the whole night. The roads were muddy and the potholes were filled to the brim.  It was the day for the market and Raju the farmer was riding his cart along the country road. He had to reach the market early so that he can sell his hay. It was very difficult for the horses to drag the load through the deep mud. On his journey suddenly the wheels of the horse cart sank into the mire.The more the horses pulled, the deeper the wheel sank.  Raju climbed down from his seat and stood beside his cart. He searched all around but could not find anyone around to help him.  Cursing his bad luck, he looked dejected and defeated. He didn’t make the slightest effort to get down on the wheel and lift it up by himself. Instead he started cursing his luck for what happened. Looking up at the sky, he started shouting at God, “I am so unlucky! Why has this happened to me? Oh God, come down to help me.”After a long wait, God finally appeared before Raju. He asked Raju, “Do you think you can move the chariot by simply looking at it and whining about it? Nobody will help you unless you make some effort to help yourself. Did you try to get the wheel out of the pothole by yourself? Get up and put your shoulder to wheel and you will soon find the way out.”Raju was ashamed of himself. He bent down and put his shoulder to the wheel and urged on the horses. In no time the wheel was out of the mire. Raju learnt his lesson. He thanked God and carried on his journey happily. 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Events of the day in History

July 28th 2015 : Barack Obama becomes the first U.S. president to address the African Union, which includes 54 nations as members; the president emphasized the importance of growing economies, reducing corruption, increasing education, and instituting democracy

English Proverb 28 July

English Proverb 
 to do something unexpected that may have seemed impossible                       

·         I thought we were going bankrupt, but my partner 

pulled a rabbit out of his hat and we landed a major 


Star of the Day 28 July

Venkatesh Prabhu (born 28 July 1983), known by his stage name Dhanush, is an Indian film actor, producer, lyricist, and playback singer best known for his work in Tamil cinema.

Dhanush's first film was Thulluvadho Ilamai, a 2002 coming-of-age film directed by his father, Kasthuri Raja. Over the next ten years, Dhanush has starred in over 25 films. Dhanush won the Best Actor award at the 58th National Film Awards for his performance in Aadukalam (2010). In 2011, Dhanush received international attention with his popular song "Why this Kolaveri Di", which became the first Indian video song to cross 100 million views on YouTube. Dhanush produces films under his production company, Wunderbar Films.[6] He has won 3 National Film Awards and 7 Filmfare Awards.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Hindi Story of the Day

अभ्यास का परिणाम
शनिवार, 23 जुलाई 2016

एक दिन महान वायलिन वादक फ्रिट्ज क्रिस्लर एक संगीत समारोह में वायलिन बजा रहे थे। जब कार्यक्रम समाप्त हुआ तो उन्हें प्रशंसकों ने घेर लिया। एक प्रशंसक बोला, 'सर, आप बहुत अच्छी वायलिन बजाते हैं। इतनी अच्छी वायलिन बजाने के लिए मैं अपनी पूरी जिंदगी लगा सकता हूं।‘
क्रिस्लन मुस्कुरा कर बोले, 'भाई, मैं तो अपना पूरा जीवन लगा चुका हूं। जब कला के प्रति आप अपना पूरा जीवन समर्पित करते हैं तभी कला का निखार निकल कर सामने आता है।' इस पर दूसरा प्रशंसक बोला, 'सफलता में भाग्य की भी भूमिका होती है। वरना कोई कलाकार यश और सम्मान से वंचित न रहे। सभी को बराबर सम्मान और यश कहां प्राप्त होता है?‘
क्रिस्लर यह सुनकर बोले, 'आप गलत कह रहे हैं। सफलता भाग्य का नहीं, बल्कि लगातार अभ्यास का परिणाम है।' इस पर वहीं मौजूद तीसरा व्यक्ति बोल पड़ा, 'आखिर आप अभ्यास पर इतना जोर क्यों दे रहे हैं? क्रिस्लर बोले, 'मैं अपना ही उदाहरण देकर बताता हूं। अगर मैं एक महीने तक वायलिन बजाने का अभ्यास न करूं तो मेरे वायलिन बजाने में आए फर्क को श्रोता महसूस कर सकते हैं।

अगर मैं एक सप्ताह तक अभ्यास न करूं तो मेरी पत्नी वायलिन बजाने के फर्क को बता सकती है और अगर मैं एक दिन अभ्यास न करूं तो मैं खुद फर्क बता सकता हूं।' अब तक तीनों पर उनकी बातों का असर होने लगा था। फिर भी एक ने पूछा, 'क्या अभ्यास के भी कुछ नियम हैं?‘  क्रिस्लर बोले, 'बिल्कुल। अभ्यास करते समय व्यक्ति को खुशमिज़ाज और सकारात्मक भावों से भरा रहना चाहिए। जब वह सकारात्मक भावों के साथ प्रसन्नता से कला का अभ्यास करेगा तो धुन की आवाज भी दिल को छूने वाली ही बाहर निकलेगी।' तीनों कला के प्रति क्रिस्लर के समर्पण के आगे नतमस्तक हो गए।

Thursday, 21 July 2016

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